X7 + AM1 Module
X7 + AM1 Module

X7 + AM1 Module

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Android based smart portable music player mastering quality loss-less playback


Powerful, power-saving CPU with 4 x Cortex-A9

The X7 utilizes Rockchip's RK3188 SoC, with 4 Cortex-A9 cores running at 1.4GHz. Made in a new 28nm process, 55% faster and 60% more power efficient than the 45nm LPSoC process, ensuring long runtime with ultra-low leakage current. 


No-compromises DAC for the Ultimate Sound

Designed originally for hi-end home audio, the X7 is one of the first devices to utilize the original ESS ES9018S in portable audio.


Patented source with amp design for best of both worlds

Patent-pending dedicated source module plus independent headphone amp module design keeps the compact integrated profile of a single portable music player while providing the sonic advantages of utilizing a separate headphone amplifier. The resulting customization allows you to customize the resulting sound (warm,neutral,etc.)


Reasonably sized for one-handed operation

The X7 utilizes a full multi-touch screen for operation. Width of 64 mm, a comfortable size between 58.6 mm (iPhone5) and 67 mm (iPhone6) that is very suitable for one handed operation. 


Symmetrical button design 

Customization mapping for left/right handed control 


All purpose player - universal decoder

Not only support loss-less music format such as WAV, FLAC, APE,WMA, MP3 etc., higher formats such as DXD, DSD64/128 and PCM are supported. 


X7 owns customized music app 

Music app - (Fiio Music) was researched and developed. The X7 music app handles lossless music more proficiently and is more user friendly. 


More fun with accessories for X7

Supports pairing with Bluetooth devices for effortless wireless music playback and remote control. Third party apps may be used to connect to unlimited online music via Wifi. Through firmware updates, playback via DLNA, NAS and cloud storage will also be supported by the FiiO Music app. 


Docking expansion functionality

Coming home from a day enjoying Hi-Fi music from the X7 on the move, you may plug the X7 onto the FiiO-exclusive docking amplifier K5 for even higher-grade home listening!  The K5 charges the X7 while providing extra functionality such as > 1.5W output power, balanced line out, and aux line in while the X7 may continue to be connected to the computer via the K5 for e.g USB DAC function. 


Hardware features


Aerospace 6061 aluminium alloy


3.97" IPS TFT, 480 x 880 pixels

Dimensions/ Weight

130 mm (H) x 64 mm (W) x 16.6 mm (D) / 220g



Storage expansion

Up to 128GB via micro SD card


32GB internal storage

Output ports

Standard module includes 3.5 mm headphone port, 3.5 mm line out port, 3.5 mm coaxial digital output port







X7 + AM1 Module