X5 2nd Gen
X5 2nd Gen

X5 2nd Gen

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Good sound comes from a quality power supply 

14V power supply for best power in class, up to 40% from last gen 


Native DSD128 decoding 

Discrete analog volume control, SACD ISO direct decoding


Only the best parts

Synergistic combination of flagship components


Dual crystal oscillators supplying the most precise timing 

The all new X5 employs two silicon crystal oscillators, handling multiples of 441.1 kHz (44.1/88.2/176.4kHz, DSD64/128) and 48kHz (48/96/192kHz) respectively. Employs the SiTime MEMs oscillator made in USA, compared to traditional quartz oscillators, it has a wider working temperature range and jitter within 1ps, improving accuracy by 25 times. 


From off to on in 0 seconds flat 

Deep-sleep standby for instant on music in everyday use


Lighter, smaller, more ergonomic 

As a portable product, portability is always an important criterion to strive for. Through our engineers efforts, we packed the above mentioned more advanced and complex circuitry into a 15% lighter, 12% smaller package than the X5 1st Gen.

Also supports headsets with CTIA-standard in-line remotes, allowing operations such as play/ pause, skip, fast forward and rewind to be controlled remotely. 

The all new X5 also supports 10-EQ and user defined playlist and can switch between 5 different display themes on the same firmware. 


Hardware features

Colour Titanium
Screen 2.4", 262,144 colour HD IPS screen with 400 x 360 pixels
Storage Dual micro SD card slots supporting up to 256GB (128GB x 2)
Material Aluminium alloy 
Line out / Digital out (coaxial) Standard 3.5 mm port (shared line out / S/ PDIF coaxial out)

Micro USB 2.0 charging port : Micro USB2.0

External power: Computer USB port, USB charger or mobile power bank

Dimensions / Weight  109 mm x 63.5 mm x 15.3 mm / 165g


X5 2nd Gen
X5 2nd Gen