X3 2nd Gen
X3 2nd Gen

X3 2nd Gen

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All new digital audio architecture 

JZ4760B+SA2000+CS4398, naively supporting DSD, decoding SACD ISOs directly, also supporting loss-less format WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF etc.


Dual crystal oscillators 

Dual crystal oscillators dedicated to multiples of 44.1 and 48kHz respectively, ensuring lowest jitter and highest precision for playback of music at all sample rates and eliminating all conversion artifacts. 


Audiophile-grade architecture and components

Utilizing Circus Logic's top-flight CS4398 DAC coupled with our painstakingly tuned low-pass filter, the X3 realizes extremely low noise and phase distortion, also utilizing premium tantalum capacitors in the analog circuit doe minimum internal resistance for the best uncolored sound.


Further improved USB DAC+ function

Supporting up to 192 kHz/ 24 bit audio as well as DSD playback*

+ASIO driver installation required for windows computer (plug-and-play on Macs)

*via DSD plugin on windows computers


Supporting CTIA standard inline remotes on earphones (Apple, Samsung etc.)

1-band EQ, and user-defined playlists


All new power management features

Supporting hibernation mode (power consumption <5mA) for instant playback. Power button flush with chassis avoids accidental activation while remaining easy to press. Volume plus button includes tactile marker for easy operation even in your pocket. 


Better build quality than ever

With all-metal chassis and high reluctance fine-grain face-plate bringing fit and finish to another level. Unique titanium colour brings fresh appearance to a FiiO product.


All new user interface design 

With classic scroll wheel operation, six unique UI themes to choose from.


Complete set of ports

Standard 3.5mm headphone out and composite coaxial/ line out port for connection to external amps/ DACs etc. Standard micro USB 2.0 port for charging and data transfer, and for docking to future FiiO equipment. 


Micro SD card slot

Supports the largest current cards (currently 128GB)

*Approx. 3200 lossless songs of various formats (44.1 kHz/16 Bit, 4 min, 40MB)



Dimensions / Weight  96.7 mm x 57.7 mm x 16.1 mm/ 135g
Screen 2.0'''screen, 320 x 240 pixels
Shell material Aluminium alloy

Micro USB 2.0 charging port: Micro USB2.0

External power: computer USB port, USB charger or mobile power bank 

Storage Micro SD card slot, supporting up to 128gb 
Headphone port Standard, 3.5 mm headphone port
Line out/ Digital out (coaxial) Standard 3.5 mm port (shared line out/S/PDIF coaxial out)
Firmware upgrade Via micro SD card (formatted in FAT32 via the X3)
Data transfer Micro USB2.0 high speed

450mA via computer USB port (charging time approx. 8 hour)

1.3A via 2A USB charger (charging time approx 3 hour)

Play time > 11 hour (32 Ohms, normal volume with display off)


X3 2nd Gen
X3 2nd Gen