Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM

Tequila 1 IEM

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TFZ TEQUILA 1 | Semi Open-Back in-ear headphone, 12mm Graphene Driver

20ohms Impedance. It's designed to be easily driven by portable devices. 

HD resolution with ultra-large sound field, large dynamic transients, high-frequency with a touch of elegance, warm medium-frequency and clean low-frequency with good elasticity.

Suitable for wide-range of music genre, the TFZ Tequila is particularly at home with current pop musics with vocal, electronics sound and synthesizers.

Full-metal Aluminium CNC machining shell with different types of color selections.


Driver: Dual-Magnetic Two-Way Graphene Driver
Magnet Material: NdFeB N52
Diaphragm Material: Graphene
Diaphragm Diameter: 12mm
Voice Coil Material: Copper Clad Aluminium Wire
Frequency Response Range: 5HZ ~ 40000HZ
Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
Impedance: 20 ohms
Sensitivity: 110dB
Magnetic Flux: 9000KGS
Wire: 4 Wires 5N OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper)
Outer Sheathe: High Flexibility Transparent PVC


Package Contains:
-6 pairs of silicone eartips
-1 pair of foam eartips
-Carry case
Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM
Tequila 1 IEM