PAW 5000
PAW 5000

PAW 5000

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Free to set the rhythm of music, so that to keep pace with the pace. Enjoy music while better enjoy the pleasure of movement. Smaller size and lighter weight. Sport accessories can guarantee will not fall off in the intense exercise.
  • DSD HD audio formats
  • Bluetooth audio player
  • LINE OUT output
  • On both ends of the damping selection
  • PMEQ Parametric Equalizer
  • All format support
  • Balanced headphone output
  • Optical digital output
  • ATE studio-grade Voice Algorithm
  • TFF free tempo
  • Language Selectable :English and Chinese-sim
  • Specifically for sports
  • It supports playback DSD64, DFF, DSF, ISO level s of high resolution.
  • Perfect fusion of music and motion
  • Sport mode (TFF free rhythm)


Software performance

  • Processor: ADI Blackfin DSP 514
  • DSP sampling rate: DSD 2.8MHz, PCM 32-96KHz
  • Support firmware upgrade
  • Speed power on/off


Diversification of the output mode
  • Bluetooth: enjoy unfettered movement
  • Optical output: a higher playability
  • Balanced Output: Compatible with 2.5mm headphone balance
  • USB3.0: copy music is no longer suffering


Long power
  • 1700mah battery capacity
  • 12 hours long battery life


What's in the box

  • Lotoo PAW 5000 Music Player
  • Final Audio Design PIANO FORTE II earphone
  • Retaining clip for car
  • USB Cable
  • Armband




Broadcast formats: DSD64 DFF DSF/ISO
Display screen: 2 inches color LCD220x176
Processor: ADI Blackfin DSP514
DSP sampling rate: DSD2.8 MHz
PCM32-96 KHZ
USB transfer: Super Speed start
Memory card: TF card (maximum 2 TB)
Battery capacity: 1700mah lithium polymer battery
Wireless transmission: Bluetooth A2DP stereo audio
Size: 98 * 55 * 17.5 (not including buttons protruding part)
Weight: 110 g
Firmware upgrade: support
Audio indicators (Headphone output)
Frequency Response: ± 0.5dB (20-20KHz)
THD + N: <0.007% (20-20KHz)
SNR: 94dB
Output Power: 100mw + 100mw @ 16ohm
Audio Indicators (Line output)

PAW 5000
PAW 5000
PAW 5000