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Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth

  • Up to 7hrs playback

  • Headphone style

  • Waterproof

  • Bluetooth®

  • 37 g

  • 16GB


Wear it. Work out.

Waterproof all-in-one Walkman® with NFC & Bluetooth®

Train hard with no interruptions. The NWZ-WS610 Series waterproof Walkman features a lightweight, wrap-around headband that will hold tight whether you’re in the pool or on the track. NFC and Bluetooth connectivity makes listening easy, so you’re free to focus on your workout.


Store around 1,000 songs

Your music is ready to go whenever you are. Simply drag and drop your tunes from your PC or Mac onto your Walkman before you train.


NFC & Bluetooth

Touch your NFC Android mobile to the NWZ-WS610 for an instant connection, then stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth. Or pair an iOS device manually using Bluetooth.


Waterproof design

Listen while you swim with an all-in-one waterproof headset that can be submerged in water up to 2m in depth.


Take the plunge

Waterproof for swimming and fresh water sports

Dive in with your favourite tunes. This waterproof headset can be submerged in as much as to 2m of water – so you can listen while you rack up the laps.


Switch from your finger

Stay in control and move with a compact, splashproof remote. Attach it to your finger or a wristband to easily change tracks as you exercise – whatever the weather.


Freedom to move

Wire-free and wearable, this all-in-one headset is made to move with you. Forget tangled cables and focus on performing your best.


Stays in place

A lightweight, wrap-around headband is designed to fit tight and stay in place, even when the going gets tough.


Listen your way

Get the flexibility you need to work up a real sweat. Play MP3s, stream tracks wirelessly from your smartphone, or mix app updates with your music – the choice is yours.


Never miss a call

Take hands-free calls with a built-in mic and Bluetooth connection. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to answer or hold the button for two seconds to reject a call.


Drag and drop

It’s simple to transfer MP3s to your Walkman – place the headset in the supplied USB dock and plug it into your PC or Mac to drag and drop your favourite songs.



With 4GB of built-in storage, you can preload the Walkman with your favourite workout playlists.



Seamlessly mix your music and apps – SoundMix automatically lowers the volume of your music so you can hear app alerts and text messages read aloud.


Interchangeable earbuds

Hit the pool and attach swimming earbuds (pictured right in the diagram). Unlike standard earbuds, a thin membrane covers each earbud to prevent water damage.


Skip and play

Built-in controls make it easy to switch between playlists and shuffle tracks while listening in Walkman mode.


Quick charge

A 3 minute power up gives 60 minutes of listening time: pop it on while you change your gear.


Unite your music

The SongPal app allows you to easily and intuitively manage your listening experience. Simply install it on your mobile phone to take control of music playback and device settings – all through one app.