Monk Plus
Monk Plus

Monk Plus

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Treble is clear and present, without any noticeable peaks or dips. It's detailed enough to get pops and static, but a little cloudy in the lower regions. No sibilance, even in sibilant prone tracks. Cymbals shimmer but are a little smoothed. The treble maybe a little slow but it's enjoyable.


Mids are mostly neutral. They are full and warm but can get a slightly chesty, but not too much and can get a little shouty at high volumes. Vocals and acoustics is where the Monks really shine with it's smooth and organic timber for both female and male vocals. The transition from the bass and to the treble is impeccable and extremely smooth.


The bass is great and very impressive for an earbud. There is a lot of warmth that fills the whole spectrum. Mid and upper bass is very neutral and is reasonable fast and punchy. Of course, because you cannot really get a proper seal with an earbud, this means that the bass rolls off quite dramatically after around 100Hz, so sub-bass frequencies are loss completely, even at high volumes.


You get the full concert experience when you listen to live recordings, especially orchestral recordings. The sound stage is really wide and deep, but in a very natural way.




Open dynamic ear-bud


15.4mm dynamic

Frequency Range

8 Hz – 22 Khz


64 ohm


112dB +/- 5dB (1mW)


3.5mm gold plated, straight jack


1.2m, TPE outer coat, 128 x 0.06 4n ofc copper


Approx 15g with single full foam covers

IEM Shell

Polycarbonate / hard plastic



Monk Plus
Monk Plus