JVC HA-FXZ200 Demo (Kuching)

JVC HA-FXZ200 Demo (Kuching)

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This is an in-ear headphone that uses clever technology with an external bass unit acoustically connected to a stream duct to improve bass reproduction without interfering with the medium and high frequency ranges. Mid-high frequencies are reproduced through twin drivers with strong neodymium magnets, using a combination of a carbon nanotubes diaphragm and a carbon diaphragm. The 1.2m cable consists of pure copper covered with silver and the 3.5mm mini jack is gold plated. The resulting sound is of an exceptional quality level with deep impressive bass that never superimposes its impression on the transparent mid-high range. The JVC HA-FXZ200 is a very valuable upgrade to the low quality headphones supplied with many mobile devices and will, without doubt, significantly improve the music listening experience on the go.



  • "LIVE BEAT SYSTEM" reproduces real deep bass sound and high resolution sound
  • "Stream Woofer" by Kelton-method reproduces rich and real deep bass sound with carbon diaphragm unit and the stream duct
  •  Special tuned "Twin System Unit" with Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Diaphragm reproduce clear mid and high range frequency
  • "Brass unit base" reduce unnecessary vibration and distortionreproduce high definition sound
  • OFC copper cord coated with pure silver enhances the sharpness and the clarity of the sound.



Driver Unit
5.8 + 5.8 + 8.8mm

Frequency Response

5 - 26,000 Hz


16 ohms


96 dB/1 mW

Max. Input Capability



3.5mm 24K Gold plated plug

Cord Length

1.2m OFC cable (coated with pure silver)


11g (without cord)