JVC HA-FX1200 Demo (Kuching)
JVC HA-FX1200 Demo (Kuching)

JVC HA-FX1200 Demo (Kuching)

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  • 11mm wood dome diaphragm driver
  • "Black eye" wood-made earphone housing
  • 6N-OFC (99.9999%) braided cord
  • Uses selected audio-grade solder
  • Acoustic Dual Hybrid Damper structure, wood damper and brass ring mounted anti-vibration units
  • High Resolution Audio
  • "Wood Ring Absorber" reduces
  • Unnecessary vibration and distortion, reproducing high definition sound
  • MMCX-design detachable cord



Driver Unit 11 mm wood dome diaphragm driver
Plug 3.5 mm 24 Gold plated metal Mini plug
Frequency Response 5 – 42,000 Hz
Maximum Input Capability 2,000 mW (IEC)
Sensitivity 106 dB/ 1 mW
Impedance 16 ohms
Weight 13 g (without cord)
Cord Length 1.2 m Y shape 6N-OFC cable MMCX design removable cord
Noise Reduction -





JVC HA-FX1200 Demo (Kuching)
JVC HA-FX1200 Demo (Kuching)