HM-650 with Standard Amp Card - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store
HM-650 with Standard Amp Card - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store

HM-650 with Standard Amp Card

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Support Hi-res audio formats 
HM650 is compatible with WAV,FLAC,APE,Apple lossless. It also supports high defination music formats like 24-bit/192 kHz and 24bit/96KHz. 


Excellent sounding WM8740 DAC
HM650 utlizes twin Wolfson WM8740 decoder chips for outstanding sound quality. A step potentiometer volume control provides a superior solution to inexpensive alternatives. The player has balanced outputs for use with balanced headphones such as the HIFIMAN RE600 in-ear monitors.


Optimized circuit design
HM650 uses state-of-the-art OPA627, joint force wit both filtering and amplifier circuits to obtain an optimized sounding quality. Replaceable amplifier card design offers a variety of listening experience. 


Dual-Voltage doubly divine sound
Unlike the single battery design dominant at other portable music players, the HM650's exceptional performance comes from the dual-battery solution, delivering +/- 7,4 volts, 2,000mA, Effectively reducing power-supply noise allows you to enjoy more of the music. 


Balanced output perfected sound experience
HM650 brings balanced, high quality music reproduction creating joy for your ears. It is designed to offer wider balanced output signals with even more powerful resistance to interference. The sound stage and the separation are largely improved. 


Replaceable amp card design 
We dream of a world where one design fits all. That is why we choose to use open interface for headphone amplifiers to allow more compatible designs available and a chance for third-party designers to collaborate with HIFIMAN.


Simple and Intuitive
The easy-to-use operating system is hassle-free with rapid response.


"Taichi II" User Interface
Simple-to-use, Elegant and High performance


D/A Chip : WM8740
Frequency Response : 20HZ-20KHz
Distortion : 0.008%(Line out)
S/N : 106±4dB
SD Card Memory : 128G
Battery Life : 9 hours
Dimensions : 117mm x72mm x29mm (4.6 x2.8 x1.1 Inch) W xD xH
Weight : 250g (8.82 Oz)
Supported Music Formats : MP3, ACC, WMA, OGG, ALAC(M4A), APE(16Bit/44.1KHz,48.0KHz,88.2KHz, 96.0KHz,192.0KHz) 16Bit & 24Bit: WAV, FLAC, AIFF (except 176.4KHz)
HM-650 with Standard Amp Card - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store