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HD 221 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store

HD 221

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Sennheiser’s HD221 headphones take music immersion to another level with its rich, expertly-engineered audio. With its padded design ensuring comfortable and focused listening, this stylish pair delivers premium quality for a bargain price.


Striking Stereo Sound
Sennheiser’s characteristic knack for potent audio has rubbed off wonderfully on this pair. The HD221s are powered by neodymium magnets to deliver scintillating stereo sound, powerful bass and a brilliantly balanced listening experience. Transmit your favourite tracks through Sennheiser’s crisp audio and give your train rides home a boost.


Ambient Noise Isolating Design
The closed-back, compact on-ear design delivers fine insulation from external ambient noise, for undisturbed listening in loud settings.


Padded Comfort & Fresh Styling
With this pair’s soft ear pads, you’ll have no problem wearing these on trips or flights, so you can enjoy your tunes for longer. This comfort is complemented by the ear-cup’s premium chrome detailing for a super-stylish look.


Fold-Flat Design Optimized For Portable Devices
Sennheiser have designed this pair to be used on the move. Its fold-flat design makes them easy to pack, while the singled-sided cable makes sure you’re free from frustrating tangling. With such intelligent design and fine audio, this pair would be the ultimate travel companion.



Cable length

3.5mm plug

H22.5 x W18.8 x D5.4cm

Microphone Remote

NFC enabled Information

Noise Cancelling Information

Sound Isolation Information

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Wi-Fi enabled


HD 221 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store