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The lightweight 10mm wood dome diaphragm which is thinner than the traditional 80μm to 50μm was evolved from a unique thin film processing technology, this enables the representation of the delicate nuances of a high-resolution sound source. A precise driver unit greatly improved linearity, in addition to a powerful drivers, precise measurements are made with the exact amplitude of the vibration plate and the lightweight CCAW voice coil, provides a faithful reproduction of the original sound.

Wood, stainless steel, brass and a combination of different materials such as aluminum, brings out the beautiful sound by controlling unwanted vibration, the ”metal harmonium micronizer" design was adopted. 3 types of common brass inner housing, in addition to the aluminum cap, with the adopted the brass ring positioned in front of the unit.

Adopting ergonomic fit form based on human engineering, it improves the stability the minute the earphone is attached to your ears. The perfect fit for the perfect sound.

Cable improves the separation, adopting the L / R with independent ground cable to achieve a natural spatial representation.



  • 10mm New WOOD DOME unit
  • High Energy Magnetic Circuit
  • Triple Metal Harmonizer
  • Wooden stabilizer & Acoustic Purifier
  • MMCX detachable cord with L/R Isolated Grounding
  • Made in Japan