HA-FW01 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store
HA-FW01 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store


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The new WOOD series is designed to reproduce the beautiful natural sound of a musical instrument with the "diaphragm made from a tree." Came the premium HI-RES model from JVC HA-FW01.

The HA-FW01 earphone has the widest frequency bandwide of 6Hz ~ 50,000Hz. Delicate sound is woven together to reproduce the overwhelming reality that even draw a sense of space in the air.

Adopting ergonomic fit form based on human engineering, it improves the stability the minute the earphone is attached to your ears. The perfect fit for the perfect sound.

In order to suppress unwanted internal housing vibration, the HA-FW01 employs a stainless ring back and a combination of different materials such as aluminum, to bring out the beautiful sound by controlling the unnecessary vibration.

Cable improves the separation, adopting the L / R with independent ground cable to achieve a natural spatial representation. The "HA-FW01" adopts a cloth woven cable that minimizes cable getting entangled. 



  • 11mm New WOOD DOME unit
  • High Energy Magnetic Circuit
  • Quad Metal Harmonizer
  • Wooden stabilizer & Acoustic Purifier
  • MMCX detachable cord with L/R Isolated Grounding
  • Made in Japan



Driver Unit 11mm New Wood Dome Driver Unit
Frequency Response 6 - 50,000 Hz
Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 104 dB/1 mW
Max. Input Capability 200mW(IEC)
Plug 3.5mm 24 Gold plated stereo Mini plug
Cord Length 1.2m  Y-shape  OFC braided cable
MMCX connector
Weight 14g (without cord)
Accessories Carrying Case, Cable Clip, Cable Keeper
(S/MS/M/ML/L) 5 sizes Spiral Dot earpieces
S/M foam earpieces


HA-FW01 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store
HA-FW01 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store