HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones

HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones

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CLASS-S SOLIDEGE (SOLDADES) high resolution sound

  • 11mm D3 Dual Carbon Diaphragm Driver Unit
  • DLC Dome + Carbon Diaphragm
  • Titanium Driver Case
  • Full Stainless Steel Housing
  • Fine Adjust Mechanism
  • J-Mount Nozzles: Titanium, Brass, Stainless
  • L/R Isolated High Grade OFC Cable
  • MMCX Cable Connect
  • Spiral Dot Plus Earpieces by SMP iFit

Full stainless body realizes elongated high range and outlined low range
Adopt full stainless steel body which realizes clear and elongated sound. Stainless steel with high strength eliminates the taste of sound. In addition to expressing high texture and solid sound, it realizes a high region with elongation and a low region with outline.

Newly developed D3 driver unit that realizes tight high-quality sound with solids installed
In order to realize a solid and tight high-quality sound, we installed the D3 (Dignified), Distinct (definite), Delightful (comfortable)) driver unit which all newly developed diaphragm, air damper and metal driver case did.

1) DLC dome dual carbon diaphragm
By combining carbon-coated PET diaphragm with PEN dome coated with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), moderate pliability at the outer periphery of the diaphragm and higher strength at the dome part at the center of the diaphragm , I will describe the music to details.
2) Accrete motion air damper
A newly designed air damper realizes accurate movement of the diaphragm.
3) Titanium Driver Case
We adopt a titanium case material with excellent strength, eliminating unnecessary sounds.

Adopt fine adjustment mechanism to achieve optimal fit
Adopting a fine adjustment mechanism that allows the nozzle to rotate 360 ​​degrees, taking into consideration the shape of the ear, which varies from person to person. Since the nozzle can be adjusted to an arbitrary angle, it corresponds to the two styles of normal hook and ear hook and realizes the optimum fit.

MMCX terminal adopted detachable groove cable adopted
Adopt MMCX terminal. In addition, adopting grooved grooved cable, we realized improvement in strength and strength.

Industry's first * 1, adopting J mount nozzle exchange system attached with replacement nozzles of different materials
Industry's first * 1 Replacement nozzles of different materials are attached, adopting J mount nozzle changing system which can enjoy the customization of tone color. By choosing the nozzle from three materials (titanium, brass, stainless steel), you can enjoy the difference in tone of each metal.
* 1: As an inner ear headphone attached with a replacement nozzle to be released late November. As of November 1 (JVC survey).

Spiral dot + (plus) earpiece which adopted the new material of the industry's first ※ 2 and redesigned shape is included
The dimple provided inside the earpiece suppresses noise scattering and achieves a clear sound by diffusing reflection sound inside the earpiece which causes sound quality deterioration, and it is a popular spiral dot earpiece. The machine was equipped with a spiral dot + (plus) earpiece that further evolved its material and shape. By adopting SMP iFit, the first material in the industry that has mechanical properties close to skin, by adopting it for the first time in the industry * 2, we will realize a natural fit that suppresses unnecessary taste and forget the existence of earpieces, Further improved.
* 2: SMP iFit is a product of SMP Technologies, Inc. Under the cooperation of SMP Technologies, we have adopted SMP iFit as the material of the earpiece for the first time in the industry. (Inner ear headphone scheduled to be released late November 2017, JVC survey as of November 1)

Adopt high-grade cable that separates L / R and realize clear and natural space expression
By separating the L / R completely from the main body to the plug, it improves separation, realizing clear and natural space expression. In addition, the high-grade cable which reconsidered the core wire configuration also made it possible to express the sound elongation and delicate expression.

HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
HA-FD01 Hi-Res Audio Headphones