DTX 710 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store
DTX 710 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store

DTX 710

Regular price RM244 MYR

6 months local distributor warranty

The DTX 710 provides the listener a true studio experience at an entry level price point. Its sound design enhances the bass frequencies with a slightly elevated presence. It offers an affordable upgrade over your stock earphones or headphones that will introduce you to the aural realism of open-back headphones, with a punch that brings new life to your favorite music. Open, On-Ear Design with Swiveling Earcups The DTX 710 features an open-back circumpolar (over-the-ear) design for high fidelity and critical listening. The open design of the headphones allows increased fidelity to the original recording. The driver design of the DTX 710 gives just enough enhancement to the lower frequencies to increase the overall presence of the sound stage. The ultra-soft earcups are ideal for extended periods of wear, so you can enjoy an entire concert (or two) in complete comfort. An adjustable headband lets you achieve the perfect fit, and the earcups swivel a full 90 degrees for listening and positioning convenience. Dynamic Transducer for Increased Fidelity and Performance Without exception, beyerdynamic manufactures the dynamic transducer systems that go into their headphones in-house.



  • Sounds fresh and crisp even on more feeble mobile players
  • The pleasurable sound of the DTX 710 remains just as good whether you are at home listening to the stereo system or out and about
  • The black matt cover can swivel 90 degrees meaning that the headphones can be flattened to fit into any notebook bag and messenger bag




Warranty: 6 months local distributor warranty.



Transducer type


Operating principle


Frequency range

16 Hz - 23,000 Hz

Nominal SPL

97 dB


32 ohm

Power handling capacity

100 mW


3 m

Weight without cable

180 g


Mini stereo jack 3.5 mm &
1/4" adaptor 6.35 mm


DTX 710 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store
DTX 710 - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store