CL1 Ceramic
CL1 Ceramic

CL1 Ceramic

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Precision in-ear headphone with CL Dynamic + Ceramic Plate Transducers

Crafted from ceramic

Injection moulded ZrO₂ housings

The ergonomic, high density housings of the CL1 are created using ceramic injection moulding, a complex seven stage process. This results in a striking, extremely durable in-ear headphone with low acoustic chamber resonance, eliminating distortion.

Detachable cables

Custom and secure design

The CL1 features a detachable cable system using custom, locking sMMCX connections for contact efficiency and durability. The CL1 is supplied with RHA’s silver core Ag4x balanced cable with 4pin Mini XLR termination for use with Dacamp L1, in addition to a braided high-purity OFC cable with 3.5mm and 6.35mm terminations.

Premium cable construction

High grade materials for pure transmission

The CL1 Ceramic is supplied with two cables. The Ag4x cable uses silver, a highly conductive metal, and is fully balanced; each channel, left and right, positive and negative, stays entirely separate from the the source device to transducer housings. This cable terminates in a 4-pin Mini XLR connection designed for use with the Dacamp L1. The high purity OFC cable is also channel separated to eliminate risk of cross channel interference, and features both 3.5mm and 6.35mm terminations for use with a wide range of audio equipment.

Perfect fit

Refined, mouldable ear hooks

Featuring fully mouldable over-ear hooks designed to hold the headphones in position with the cable running over and behind the ear. The tri-material design can be moulded to the exact contours of a user's ear to ensure a secure fit, and position the transducer housings for effective noise isolation.

Hi-Res Audio

The CL1 Ceramic in-ear headphone conforms to Hi-Res Audio standards as defined by Japan Audio Society.


• In-ear headphone with CL Dynamic + ceramic plate transducers
• CL Dynamic + Ceramic Plate Transducers
• Injection moulded ceramic construction
• Detachable OFC and Ag4x cables
• Made for amplifiers
• 3.5mm, 6.35mm and Mini XLR terminations
• Mouldable ear hooks
• Ear tips and protector case
• 3 years warranty



Drivers  CL Dynamic + Ceramic Plate



Braided OFC (sMMCX-3.5mm), Ag4x (sMMCX-Mini XLR)

Frequency Range

16 – 45,000Hz

Rated/Max Power

10 / 50mW


3.5mm/6.35mm, 4-pin Mini XLR


150 ohms


 14g (without cables)

Manufacturer's Warranty

 3 Years

CL1 Ceramic
CL1 Ceramic
CL1 Ceramic