Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEM)


Why Custom In-ear Monitors?

1. Because one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for everything

No more falling off as we are custom fit. Custom IEMs are the exact shape of your ear canals which will make them unnoticeable when wearing them.


2. You need to reduce the ambient/environmental sounds while performing or traveling

They're a perfect fit for EVERYONE, passive noise cancelling will have a greater effect.


3. Fully customized to fit you in every way

  • Each piece is individually handcrafted
  • Low-profile fitting ensures ultimate comfort even throughout extended listening periods.
  • User-specific moulded fit ensures complete hygiene with you as the only wearer.  


4. Taking your performance to new levels

For artists, especially lead singers, who move around a lot, to have a consistent sound wherever you go on stage.


5. Make your flights or travel experience more enjoyable

  • Slim and easy to store, ultimate portability with exceptional comfort
  • Blocks out plane engine / loud train noise with better sound isolation


6. Bespoke Design, made for you and only you

Design talks about the owner-CIEM makes a statement for their owners. Custom print graphics, and choice of materials and/or choose from an almost infinite combination of colour(s) for maximum personalization.


Introducing, Custom In-ear Monitors

Play the video and watch how we handcraft the world’s highest quality, most trusted professional custom IEMs.

We'll make sure everything will be up to your standards!




 "100,000 ears made, used on every stage in the world."

Ultimate Ears


"The JH16s are unbelievable. They already have changed the way I approach my mixes, and my lead singer has been blown away by how great his mixes sound for him. The clarity and power of this IEM is amazing. These have truly changed the game for us."

Daniel Reed, Sound Engineer , Youth Lagoon



World's highest quality, most trusted professional custom in-ear monitors

You may be that person who just loves pure music. Music that fills your ears and causes you to forget that the rest of the world exists. And whether you’re a budding amateur, a local artist, a touring musician, or a frequent traveler, we have the greatest solution for you.


Listen. Immerse. Experience. Enjoy. 
Experience ultimate portability with exceptional comfort, without scarifying audio quality.

Play. Practice. Rehearse. Perform.
Hear yourself and the band with crystal clarity when onstage and during performances.

Record. Compose. Mix. Create.
Ensure complete accuracy, clarity, and excellent reproduction of the music you’re creating.

Enjoy. Experience. Entertainment. Explore.
Sound isolation that blocks out plane engine/loud train noise, now you can travel with peace of mind.



Let us help customize your IEM system and answer all your questions.

  • Consultation 
  • Color Customization 
  • Ear impression
  • Design Customization




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At Jaben, we're passionate about music enjoyment and about providing the right choices for you.