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XBA-N1AP - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store


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Extended clarity, smaller space
It’s all about a full spectrum of sound with these sophisticated in-ear headphones. They include an HD Hybrid Driver system that packs a wealth of fine detail in a small space so you can hear every note and vocal with more clarity.


High-Resolution Audio
Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio.


HD Hybrid Driver system
Pairs a dynamic driver for rich bass and smooth mids with a Balanced Armature driver for soaring highs.


Triple-comfort earbuds
Made from hard silicone rubber and soft formed silicone, these earbuds come in three sizes for comfortable listening.


Balance of power
Sound is optimised across the frequencies with the HD Hybrid Driver system
The 9mm dynamic driver maintains drive force for deep bass and clear mids without dropping off like other drivers, while the airtight Balanced Armature driver provides natural high frequency sound for longer. Both drivers work together to keep sound response steady across the frequencies.


Get the best out of every track
Like going from standard definition to HD video, High-Resolution Audio tracks are far higher quality than MP3s and even CDs, letting you hear every breath, every drumbeat, every note.


Sophistication in miniature
High precision sound technology is packed inside a small housing. Supplied with a carry case, these lightweight headphones are a joy to take around.


Complete comfort
Our triple-comfort earbuds, supplied in three sizes, provide a snug fit for a variety of ear shapes. Combining hard silicone rubber and specially-developed formed silicone, they perfectly match sound with stability and comfort.


Upgrade your cable
Switch cables and take advantage of high grade optional leads offering even more precise sound. Go for a balanced cable with separate left and right ground wires for less cross-talk. Or choose a Bluetooth® cable and stream music wirelessly.



  • High-Resolution Audio capable
  • HD Hybrid Driver system for deep bass and clear highs
  • Beat Response Control reduces heavy bass distortion
  • Comfortable, secure-fitting silicone earbuds
  • Lightweight for ultimate music mobility


What's in the box

  • Clip
  • Carring Case
  • Headphone cable
  • Length Adjuster
  • Hybrid earbuds(SS/S/M/L)
  • Triple Comfort Earbuds(S/M/L)







102dB/mW, 105dB/mW

32Ω(at 1kHz)


Approx. 6g without cable

Detachable Y type

Approx. 1.2m

L-shaped gold-plated 4-pole mini plug

XBA-N1AP - Jaben - The Little Headphone Store